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Maid On Martha's Vineyard Is Cleaning For A Reason

The diagnosis of cancer, for many, means that an arduous battle begins. So many women suffer from breast cancer, and no matter their current diagnosis, they are survivors and warriors. Based on our own experiences watching our mothers in their own personal battles with cancer, we have decided to help out others. Everyone has a reason to clean, but we have a reason to help others.

When individuals are diagnosed with cancer, they generally undergo one or multiple treatment options, and these treatments can leave them feeling tired and weak. As a result, tidying up the living room, dusting the coffee table in the den or bringing the laundry up from the basement can grow into more challenging, or even impossible, tasks. Maid on Martha's Vineyard assists in providing cleaning services to women who are currently battling breast cancer.

This service also allows women to have more free time to explore their interests, pursue their passions and spend moments with their loved ones. Cancer is not necessarily the end of a former life; rather, it can act as an invigorating and motivating agent to inspire positive change and stronger relationships with loved ones. Patients can apply on the website for these services. You can also use the tool to locate service providers in your area. This service is tax deductible.

Maid on Martha's Vineyard is now partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, which means that we donate two general cleanings per month. We are proud to partner with this movement and provide this special service on the island. We work with two patients at a time, and we work with them for a period of one to four months in a row. During that time period, we offer residential cleaning services to the patients, from tidying up the clutter in their home to dusting those hard-to-reach places in the bathroom.

Share our gift by printing out our flyer and posting on your office bulletin board.

How do you apply for the service?

If you are currently a cancer patient, or are the caregiver for a cancer patient, you can apply online under the "Patients" tab at Cleaning for a Reason's website. Once your application is accepted, Cleaning for a Reason will match you with a cleaning service provider. You may need to fill out the application again if no one is available the first time. Once a match has been located, you will be asked to provide documentation from your doctor that you are currently undergoing treatment.